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Imagine a situation where someone persistently asks you to provide the password for your encrypted archive. Moreover, this person knows about the existence of hidden volumes in VeraCrypt.

Another situation is when you want to share information physically with a group of people using just one file, but in a way that each person can only access their specific portion of the information.

Or, consider another example: you want to give a person a set of messages that will remain unchanged over time, but under certain circumstances, grant them access to new sections of the encrypted archive.

Sakhar can easily assist with such scenarios as it supports an unlimited number of independent encrypted spaces, the existence of which can only be discovered if you have the appropriate password or encryption key.


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How does it work?

To encrypt and hide files and folders, you should add them to separate Spaces, each of which will be encrypted with its password and/or a key file. You can create any number of Spaces inside a single encrypted container.

Sakhar processor then splits and mixes all data from all Spaces, injects disposable data, encrypts data chunks with appropriate credentials, and eventually scrambles the resulting container so that it becomes indistinguishable from random data.

After encryption is finished there is no way to find out the number of Spaces or the fact of their existence. You can safely disclose security credentials for multiple Spaces while keeping the most valuable of them secret. The only way to get all the encrypted data is to have all the security credentials used to create the container.

Sakhar is designed for offline use. The application does not connect to any internet servers, not even for checking updates (so if you installed the app from a source other than the App Store, make sure to manually check for the latest version from time to time). You can also block any network connections for the application in your firewall.

Options & Hints

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Sakhar Options on Screenshot