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Despite the well-known drawbacks of deterministic password generators, Determino can be useful in several specific scenarios.

For instance, imagine that for some reason, you do not want to add a record of using a certain service to your regular password manager. Or perhaps you don't have access to your password manager at the moment, but you need to create a password for a certain account. Determino is well-suited for secure usage in public places or on guest computers (although it is always best to ensure that there is no keylogger on the system).

Additionally, Determino is especially well suited for use with machines without Internet or local area network, as well as with completely isolated machines.

This application will be particularly useful for those who do not want to leave explicit traces of usage (besides the fact of running the application itself). There is no way to determine how many passwords have been generated, for which services, and their complexity.


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How does it work?

The concept of deterministic password generators traces back to the 1980s, where it was associated with computer games that utilized a pseudo-random number generator initialized with a specific identifier to create the user environment.

This application is a fully stateless password generator, which means that for any given input parameters (master password, optional private key, service name, password length, and pwned counter), it will consistently generate the exact same set of passwords. It operates solely on mathematical algorithms and does not rely on any internal or external storage.

Determino employs a complex polymorphic sequence of hashing functions, utilizing all the user-defined options to cascade and initialize a security-adapted version of the Mersenne Twister. Except for brute force attacks, Determino is sufficiently secure to be used with simple master passwords and non-random keys.

Furthermore, Determino is designed for offline use. The application does not establish connections to any internet servers, not even for checking updates (so if you installed the app from a source other than the App Store, be sure to manually check for the latest version periodically). Additionally, you have the option to block any network connections for the application through your firewall.

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