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2868 | Secure your data

We craft minimalistic software products prioritizing data protection, anonymity, and masking. Our approach employs steganography, polymorphic and dead man's switch encryption. We are targeting emerging data protection niches for the digital age, experimenting with unconventional data security applications and services.

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plausible deniability archives

Sakhar's encrypted file archives with support for multiple keys and steganography provide unparalleled protection for your sensitive data. With our unique scrambling process, your encrypted container becomes indistinguishable from random data, making it virtually impossible for anyone to know what's inside.

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secure passwords Ø traces

Determino is a stateless password generator for geeks and hackers, with advanced public security features. Generate strong passwords and keys without storing any information on the device. Use Determino offline for hassle-free password security, use arbitrary key files to eliminate forensic traces.

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guaranteed exactly-once microsharing

once.REST is an exactly-once microsharing platform that allows you to share text or file messages up to 32MB using client-side encryption. All access tokens are hashed and all data is encrypted while at rest, in use, and in motion. Use once.REST for secure public microsharing.

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